Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Reasons I love Rylee on her 10th B-day

1. She is beautiful inside and out!! She has always been such a cutie and she just continues to amaze me every year!

2. She is a GOOFBALL!! She makes us laugh so hard and loves to laugh at herself.

3. She always tries to do what is right. She worries so much about doing the right thing in every situation I admire that about her.

4. She is so dang fun! She is always willing to try new things and makes it fun for everyone around her with her smile and contagious laughter!

5. She loves her family-especially all her cousins. She is great friends with them all and takes care of everybody, even the little ones.

6. She is willing to try new things and she is good at everything she tries. She works hard and doesn't give up even when she is challenged. Whether it is cheer, gymnastics, choir or soccer she puts forth her full effort and doesn't give up!

7. She's determined and works hard at school-she is a great student. All her teachers ever say about her is that she is an ideal student. (Dont parents love hearing that!)

8. She is a great big sister! She loves Cam and is such a great friend and example for her.
9. She is a good friend. She worries about others and wants to be nice to everyone.
10. She is a special girl with a sweet, warm, inviting way that makes people want to be around her. She is a great daughter and helps me so much, I am so glad she is part of our family, she is so special to us and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Baby!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a baby...BOY!

I am happy to announce that my patient husband will finally have a little buddy! We found out last Friday that we are in fact adding a little boy to the mix. The ultrasound was awesome-a lot has changed since I had Camryn's 8 years ago you could actually kind of tell what you were looking at. They were also able to take some 3-D pictures which were awesome! You could see his cute little face and his little hands wiggling around trying to hide his face. He was also sticking his tongue in and out when we were looking at his face, I told the girls he was saying "na-na here I come". Needless to say we are all in love with him already and SO excited. I am actually a little nervous about the whole thing, I feel like this is unchartered water for me-no brothers growing up and 2 girls for a long time. Everyone has reassured me that I will do fine-I'm sure it will be just as natural as the girl thing was. I'm just not really sure what to do with little boy parts and until recently didn't know that certain things happened early on to little boys-I know you are all laughing that have boys, but that's what I mean-I dont know about little pee-pee's! I am feeling pretty good and getting big but it's all for a good cause-right? Hopefully my next post will be before I have the baby-ha-ha but that's about all for now! The rest of us are doing great- busy with school, soccer, cheer, homework and all the other fun everyday stuff. Hopefully you all haven't given up hope and stopped checking my blog for updates, even though I wouldn't blame you-but thanks for those who still have a little faith in me and my blogging ability.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long blog

After hearing a lot of "crap" (sorry no other word for it) about my lame blogging skills I decided to write a little of what has been going on in our summer. I guess my life is just not as exciting as all of yours or maybe it takes too much time or maybe I am just lame so anyway first things first...
Actually that could be my best excuse because I "feel like throw up" (in Camryn's words) all the time!! It has been so long since I have been pregnant I truly forgot what this is like and it does seem worse this time. I am so tired and sick I have to set little goals for myself like: wash my bedding and make my bed, make dinner, get dressed and I'm pretty much done for the day. I've enjoyed a lot of TV which I don't usually watch. I am a big sunbather usually but this summer being in the sun just makes the nausea worse. Enough complaining. Here are some things that I like right now:

1. Sonic Lime Rickeys (everyday about a week and half straight)
2. Tuna sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes. Weird that sounds good being nauseous, huh?
3. Salty things- anything. Now this is weird because I am a sweets girl but not right now at all!
4. Popsicles- any kind.
5. My 2 bathroom breaks a night-already, what the heck!
6. My soft squishy body pillow from Costco which I'm sure I will love even more as tummy gets bigger.
7. My cute husband who is just fine with me laying around all day and having to pick up the slack-big time!
8. My older independent girls who have been so helpful, maybe there is something to a 7 year break-ha ha.

Well there's our big news...besides playing in the sun, a little camping, a 4th of July v-ball tourney, swimming, taking care of my garden, and hanging with the fam that's about all we've been doing. That's a very brief catch up-I will TRY to keep on top of things for you all and post more often. Oh by the way I am 8 weeks along, first official appt tomorrow, wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Camryn!

Cam in Mississippi being silly.

I cant believe my baby is 7 she is getting so big. for Cam's birthday I wanted to share some reasons I love my Cami.

1. She is truly a gift from Heavenly Father-some of you know she is born on a very signifigant day to our family and I truly believe it was meant to be that way. She shares a birthday with her aunt Michelle, whom she never met. I know she was a gift to bring me happiness on this otherwise sad day and she does bring all of us so much happiness!

2. She is so full of life-I sometimes say she is just "full of it" meaning everything. She has such a love of life and everything in it. She is adventurous and energetic about everything she does and I love that about her.

3. She has such a strong will and spirit. When she was a baby she was such an angel she sometimes was too good that it made me nervous. Now I know she was just preparing me for later. She is a fighter for what she wants and believes and I admire that about her even at such a young age-I hope she doesn't ever lose this quality.

4. She is SO friendly and outgoing. We use to joke when she was little, about 2, she knew everyone in our ward. Who belonged to what family their names and everything, it was amazing. That has continued-she is a social butterfly and is always making friends wherever we go. She will make friends art McDonald's the park anywhere. Then a month later she will refer to them as one of her good friends. With Cam-everyone is her friend.

5. She is hillarious! Her sense of humor is great she loves to make everyone laugh especially her Dad. When she gets a laugh out of him she will keep going until he cant laugh anymore. She keeps all of us laughing.

6. She loves to learn and read and is so smart. She loves books and I constantly catch her reading when she is suppose to be in bed sleeping.

7. She is such a good girl and always tries to do what is right! She loves to work on things she wants to do better and is always trying to be better.

Camcorder-we love you so much and are so glad you are part of our family!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Husband Tag

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? Married, 10 this last December.
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? 1 year before he went on a mission to Toronto, Canada. 4 months after his mission.
WHO EATS MORE? Tom, unless it's anything chocolate.
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU FIRST"? Tom, I did soon after.
WHO IS TALLER? Tom by one foot exactly 6'4" and 5'4"
WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? Me-funny we were just "discussing" this today.
WHO IS SMARTER? Tom for sure. He wont belive that I said that. (refer to question about who's more stubborn)
WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? I would have to say me, although I am married to a sensitive man and am so grateful for that.
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? ME, unless I get behind then Tom will pick up the slack.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT? From the foot of the bed, me.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? Usually Tom, I do sometimes.
WHO COOKS DINNER? Usually me but latley Tom has been experimenting in the kitchen on his pretend cooking show "Tom's kitchen". It is hillarious!
WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU ARE TOGETHER? Tom-it's just better that way for both of us.
WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? This is a close one, it depends on who you ask me or him? Of course I will say him.
WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST? I did! He asked and then waited for my reply, so I just moved in.
WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? Tom, he is from a family of 11.
I love Tom so much-he is my best friend. It is amazing that we have known each other for 14 years and I love him more EVERY year. He is such a strong and wonderful husband and father. He loves our girls so much and is such a fun dad. He has such a good heart, and is loving and so sensitive to me and our girls, he is always worried about our needs and wants over his. He has made many sacrifices for our family, and works so hard for us. He has such a strong conviction of his beliefs and values, there is no gray area for him, and I am so grateful for that. He honors his priesthood and covenants. He is forgiving and compassionate. He loves me and is patient with me and helps me to be a better person. He is passionate about things that he loves and feels strongly about. He can always make me laugh and does so often. He isn't afraid to laugh at himself. He is always genuine. He loves me unconditionally. I love you babe!


Our family.

Tom and Cam

Is it just me or does Angie not want to bo on this ride??

My cute hubby (he's such a kid at heart)

Jasmine and the girls (I had too many princess pics to post so I chose 1.)

We LOVED the turkey legs!!

We went to Disneyland the week before Spring break and had a blast with our family. I dont think you really appreciate Disneyland until you take your kids there, it is a magical place. It was also a magical kingdom for Tom. He'll be so embarrassed that I'm putting this on here but for some reason the characters (mostly the females) really loved Tom, the first day I thought it was just coincidence but throughout the week everyday there were little things that happened-wanting to get thier picture with just him, shamelessly flirting with him while in the parade and several others that were hillarious-so I think it wont be hard to convince him to go back. What can I say he is a babe! The girls loved it all! Our girls are perfect ages for everything, we went on all the rides together and had a blast! Thanks to G&G Holmes for the wonderful time!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Line of the week by Tom

So we took advantage of the nice weather this Easter weekend and went to the driving range with the girls. They love it and it's fun for me and Tom too. Of course this is the first time I have swung a golf club in about 9 months so I'm a little rusty, but Tom was observing me with my first few swings trying to get "the feel" again when he said "C'mon babe get athletic." First of all what exactly does that mean? After laughing for about 5 minutes I asked him. Anyone who knows Tom knows he's a great athlete and that was his way of pointing out that I didn't have it down yet!! He then proceeded to show me how I was standing with my knees straight and butt pointing out-apparently not the proper stance. Maybe I'm not as good as I thought, I will say I did improve after listening to his instruction. I do love that man!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

When we were in Colorado a few weeks ago we had some time on our hands and were wandering around Wal Mart. I was looking in the produce department when I heard my girls laughing, they both have the greatest laughs that you cant miss, and they were laughing hard. When I turned around this is what I saw, then we all laughed really HARD along with some othet people in the store! I didn't think the mullet could get any better but I think it's great in green! I love my girls-they always make me laugh.

Friday, March 14, 2008

About me...thanks Jane.

10 years ago I was...
Feeling overwhelmed about being newly married (4 months) and 1 month pregnant (I know, WOW!!) Drinking chocolate milk every morning to avoid throwing up, it was the only thing I could have in the morning. I didn't know, at the time, it could happen so fast...too bad my body still doesn't work that way.

5 places I've visited:
My favorite: Barbados for 10 weeks last summer
Hawaii-Maui is my favorite
Seattle, WA-in high school with the Madrigals
Pennsylvania/Maryland/Washington D.C.- we went there for Tom's family reunion when Rylee was 1.
Vicksburg, Miss.-(with Tom's work for 6 weeks) I know you're all jealous, actually for some reason the sun there was awesome I have never been more tan. It probably had something to do with the fact that there wasn't much more to do but play at the pool.

I enjoy:

Cuddling with my husband, listening to my girls laugh and watching them excel at anything. Chocolate-pretty much anything chocolate. Laughing with my hubby-he can make me laugh like no one else. Singing when I'm alone and in my ward choir-yeah that's right. Reading in a very hot tub. Baking and eating what I bake. Excercising-my new thing is yoga, I dont know how I just discovered this heavenly escape. Spring and Fall-tulips. hydrangaes, lilacs because they remind me of my angel mother. All good smelling potions and lotions. Hanging out and laughing with my sisters (way too much)! Good soup, easy new recipes. My man pillow (as Tom calls it) it's really just a furry body pillow but so cozy...fuzzy socks, massages, pedicures, dancing when no one is watching, which is usually in my car which means people probably are watching. GNO, good friends, card making , Making a good meal for my family that everyone likes and eats without saying how many more bights do I have to take. Golfing with my husband, The Office, ER I could go on but wont.

3 bad habits:

1. I bight my nails-I got acrylic nails for this reason but I still like to pick at them and bight the side of my fingers if I get a hangnail-I know GROSS!!
2. I'm a procrastinator-I'm still working on doing better.
3. I lose my keys all the time-this drives Tom crazy. Yes there is a designated spot for them but do they ever get there-nope. I lose them at least once a day.

5 things you dont know about me:

1. I broke my neck as a high school cheerleader, no it's not what you're thinkin someone actually landed on my head in a stunt. Nice, eh.
2. I play the flute-my ward was pleased to discover this recently, a good friend in my ward found this out and convinced me to play in sacrament meeting while Rylee sang.
3. I'm double jointed in both of my arms.
4. My lemon bars are famous-at least in my small circle. Even my mother-in-law likes them and she is a great cook. It is my great grandma's recipe and I have made them since I was little, Rylee actually got mad at me for submitting the recipe to my ward cook book saying "Mom that's our secret recipe" the only one who doesn't like them at all is Tom.
5. I am a good golfer-k if my husband reads this he will laugh, but I am. Tom's whole family is so athletic and so I am so glad that I actually found something that I dont stink at and I enjoy a lot!

5 jobs I've had:

1. As previously mentioned on another blog :) I was a phone solicitor for Hall's Carpet Cleaning when I was 14. I think we made about $900 that summer pretty good money for a Jr. Higher
2. My sisters favorite job: Riding my 10 speed down 3500 South In my McyD's uni to go to the Golden Arches and make fries.
3. A game person (I dont know the official title) at the 49th Street Galleria.
4. A waitress at Bennetts's BBQ (my room , car, hair, everything smelled like BBQ-yummy) and the Marquee-tuxedo shirts and bow ties anyone??
5. Countrywide Home Loans

K that was fun, even though it took me a while, enjoy :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rifle, CO ever been there...didn't think so.

We made a weekend road trip to see our hard working Dad in Rifle, Colorado. Where is Rifle you ask-about 2 1/2 hours past Price, UT. We left on Thursday planning to come back on Sunday but ended up staying until Tues. because they got hit by a big storm. We swam and hot tubbed and went to Wal Mart, that's about it. Grandma Henry cam with us and that was alot of fun. Oh-they did have a good BBQ restaraunt, which Camryn loved, she could seriously eat 2 full racks of ribs. I did get a chance to start the 3rd Twilight book-I have been putting it off because I cant put it down once I start and so I had to have ample time to read, still working on it. It was nice to lounge around not have to cook, clean or do laundry. I did play referee alot being stuck indoors for 5 days straight, what is it with sisters?? Mindy...Angie?? Just kidding love you guys... Were back home now and had A LOT of snow to welcome us back, thanks to my good neighbors I didn't have to shovel myself out. Thanks to my sweet sis for babysitting our dog Roxi, I know it wasn't easy. All in all good to be home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cam's photo shoot

I had to post these because hopefully you have had the experience of looking through your pics on your camera or phone and find that someone has gotten a hold of it and had a good time. I think she was taking a picture of her lost tooth...can't really tell.

We're getting pretty good at this...well some of us.

We went skiing for our first time over New Year's and we did pretty good. Tom had been skiing before and was actually pretty good but the rest of us were first timers. The girls both wanted to snowboard so we convinced our bro-in-law and sis-in-law (thanks Bart and Kelly) who are both very good to come and teach the girls, and Tom attempted to teach me. I thought this would cause a few fights with Tom getting frustrated with me and me not being very good but I did ok. I have to admit I did have an embarrasing fall when we first got there on the teaching hill going up the hill on a "people mover" I fell right into a hole and lost one ski and my poles, Tom did get my pole but just kept moving on, I think pretending he didn't know me, but it got better as the day went on. The girls did awesome and so we decided to go again. This time the girls did awesome and improved a ton I stayed pretty much the same, I'm kinda a chicken in my old age I guess, but I had a lot of fun. Rylee can almost beat Tom down the big hills and Cam can now go down without falling more than a couple times. It is a great family activity and the girls are hooked. I had to put this pic of Rylee falling because I think it may have been the only time she did. It was nice and warm which explains Tom's blinding sweatshirt but it sure made it easy to spot him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our trip to Barbados this summer

Tom had a job in Barbados this summer and we all got to go for 10 weeks to play on the beach, well Tom actually had to work part of the time. The best part of the trip for Tom was golfing at Sandy Lane, the golf course where Tiger Woods was married, he loved it! It was a great experience for our family. We met many great people and had a blast together.

New to this whole thing...

As of about 4 weeks ago I had hear of blogging but didn't really know what it was. Thanks to some of my talented friends I am now attempting to be part of this new world of blogging, we'll see how this goes...more to follow soon...