Monday, March 24, 2008

Line of the week by Tom

So we took advantage of the nice weather this Easter weekend and went to the driving range with the girls. They love it and it's fun for me and Tom too. Of course this is the first time I have swung a golf club in about 9 months so I'm a little rusty, but Tom was observing me with my first few swings trying to get "the feel" again when he said "C'mon babe get athletic." First of all what exactly does that mean? After laughing for about 5 minutes I asked him. Anyone who knows Tom knows he's a great athlete and that was his way of pointing out that I didn't have it down yet!! He then proceeded to show me how I was standing with my knees straight and butt pointing out-apparently not the proper stance. Maybe I'm not as good as I thought, I will say I did improve after listening to his instruction. I do love that man!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

When we were in Colorado a few weeks ago we had some time on our hands and were wandering around Wal Mart. I was looking in the produce department when I heard my girls laughing, they both have the greatest laughs that you cant miss, and they were laughing hard. When I turned around this is what I saw, then we all laughed really HARD along with some othet people in the store! I didn't think the mullet could get any better but I think it's great in green! I love my girls-they always make me laugh.

Friday, March 14, 2008

About me...thanks Jane.

10 years ago I was...
Feeling overwhelmed about being newly married (4 months) and 1 month pregnant (I know, WOW!!) Drinking chocolate milk every morning to avoid throwing up, it was the only thing I could have in the morning. I didn't know, at the time, it could happen so fast...too bad my body still doesn't work that way.

5 places I've visited:
My favorite: Barbados for 10 weeks last summer
Hawaii-Maui is my favorite
Seattle, WA-in high school with the Madrigals
Pennsylvania/Maryland/Washington D.C.- we went there for Tom's family reunion when Rylee was 1.
Vicksburg, Miss.-(with Tom's work for 6 weeks) I know you're all jealous, actually for some reason the sun there was awesome I have never been more tan. It probably had something to do with the fact that there wasn't much more to do but play at the pool.

I enjoy:

Cuddling with my husband, listening to my girls laugh and watching them excel at anything. Chocolate-pretty much anything chocolate. Laughing with my hubby-he can make me laugh like no one else. Singing when I'm alone and in my ward choir-yeah that's right. Reading in a very hot tub. Baking and eating what I bake. Excercising-my new thing is yoga, I dont know how I just discovered this heavenly escape. Spring and Fall-tulips. hydrangaes, lilacs because they remind me of my angel mother. All good smelling potions and lotions. Hanging out and laughing with my sisters (way too much)! Good soup, easy new recipes. My man pillow (as Tom calls it) it's really just a furry body pillow but so cozy...fuzzy socks, massages, pedicures, dancing when no one is watching, which is usually in my car which means people probably are watching. GNO, good friends, card making , Making a good meal for my family that everyone likes and eats without saying how many more bights do I have to take. Golfing with my husband, The Office, ER I could go on but wont.

3 bad habits:

1. I bight my nails-I got acrylic nails for this reason but I still like to pick at them and bight the side of my fingers if I get a hangnail-I know GROSS!!
2. I'm a procrastinator-I'm still working on doing better.
3. I lose my keys all the time-this drives Tom crazy. Yes there is a designated spot for them but do they ever get there-nope. I lose them at least once a day.

5 things you dont know about me:

1. I broke my neck as a high school cheerleader, no it's not what you're thinkin someone actually landed on my head in a stunt. Nice, eh.
2. I play the flute-my ward was pleased to discover this recently, a good friend in my ward found this out and convinced me to play in sacrament meeting while Rylee sang.
3. I'm double jointed in both of my arms.
4. My lemon bars are famous-at least in my small circle. Even my mother-in-law likes them and she is a great cook. It is my great grandma's recipe and I have made them since I was little, Rylee actually got mad at me for submitting the recipe to my ward cook book saying "Mom that's our secret recipe" the only one who doesn't like them at all is Tom.
5. I am a good golfer-k if my husband reads this he will laugh, but I am. Tom's whole family is so athletic and so I am so glad that I actually found something that I dont stink at and I enjoy a lot!

5 jobs I've had:

1. As previously mentioned on another blog :) I was a phone solicitor for Hall's Carpet Cleaning when I was 14. I think we made about $900 that summer pretty good money for a Jr. Higher
2. My sisters favorite job: Riding my 10 speed down 3500 South In my McyD's uni to go to the Golden Arches and make fries.
3. A game person (I dont know the official title) at the 49th Street Galleria.
4. A waitress at Bennetts's BBQ (my room , car, hair, everything smelled like BBQ-yummy) and the Marquee-tuxedo shirts and bow ties anyone??
5. Countrywide Home Loans

K that was fun, even though it took me a while, enjoy :)