Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Camryn!

Cam in Mississippi being silly.

I cant believe my baby is 7 she is getting so big. for Cam's birthday I wanted to share some reasons I love my Cami.

1. She is truly a gift from Heavenly Father-some of you know she is born on a very signifigant day to our family and I truly believe it was meant to be that way. She shares a birthday with her aunt Michelle, whom she never met. I know she was a gift to bring me happiness on this otherwise sad day and she does bring all of us so much happiness!

2. She is so full of life-I sometimes say she is just "full of it" meaning everything. She has such a love of life and everything in it. She is adventurous and energetic about everything she does and I love that about her.

3. She has such a strong will and spirit. When she was a baby she was such an angel she sometimes was too good that it made me nervous. Now I know she was just preparing me for later. She is a fighter for what she wants and believes and I admire that about her even at such a young age-I hope she doesn't ever lose this quality.

4. She is SO friendly and outgoing. We use to joke when she was little, about 2, she knew everyone in our ward. Who belonged to what family their names and everything, it was amazing. That has continued-she is a social butterfly and is always making friends wherever we go. She will make friends art McDonald's the park anywhere. Then a month later she will refer to them as one of her good friends. With Cam-everyone is her friend.

5. She is hillarious! Her sense of humor is great she loves to make everyone laugh especially her Dad. When she gets a laugh out of him she will keep going until he cant laugh anymore. She keeps all of us laughing.

6. She loves to learn and read and is so smart. She loves books and I constantly catch her reading when she is suppose to be in bed sleeping.

7. She is such a good girl and always tries to do what is right! She loves to work on things she wants to do better and is always trying to be better.

Camcorder-we love you so much and are so glad you are part of our family!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Husband Tag

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? Married, 10 this last December.
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? 1 year before he went on a mission to Toronto, Canada. 4 months after his mission.
WHO EATS MORE? Tom, unless it's anything chocolate.
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU FIRST"? Tom, I did soon after.
WHO IS TALLER? Tom by one foot exactly 6'4" and 5'4"
WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? Me-funny we were just "discussing" this today.
WHO IS SMARTER? Tom for sure. He wont belive that I said that. (refer to question about who's more stubborn)
WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? I would have to say me, although I am married to a sensitive man and am so grateful for that.
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? ME, unless I get behind then Tom will pick up the slack.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT? From the foot of the bed, me.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? Usually Tom, I do sometimes.
WHO COOKS DINNER? Usually me but latley Tom has been experimenting in the kitchen on his pretend cooking show "Tom's kitchen". It is hillarious!
WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU ARE TOGETHER? Tom-it's just better that way for both of us.
WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? This is a close one, it depends on who you ask me or him? Of course I will say him.
WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST? I did! He asked and then waited for my reply, so I just moved in.
WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? Tom, he is from a family of 11.
I love Tom so much-he is my best friend. It is amazing that we have known each other for 14 years and I love him more EVERY year. He is such a strong and wonderful husband and father. He loves our girls so much and is such a fun dad. He has such a good heart, and is loving and so sensitive to me and our girls, he is always worried about our needs and wants over his. He has made many sacrifices for our family, and works so hard for us. He has such a strong conviction of his beliefs and values, there is no gray area for him, and I am so grateful for that. He honors his priesthood and covenants. He is forgiving and compassionate. He loves me and is patient with me and helps me to be a better person. He is passionate about things that he loves and feels strongly about. He can always make me laugh and does so often. He isn't afraid to laugh at himself. He is always genuine. He loves me unconditionally. I love you babe!


Our family.

Tom and Cam

Is it just me or does Angie not want to bo on this ride??

My cute hubby (he's such a kid at heart)

Jasmine and the girls (I had too many princess pics to post so I chose 1.)

We LOVED the turkey legs!!

We went to Disneyland the week before Spring break and had a blast with our family. I dont think you really appreciate Disneyland until you take your kids there, it is a magical place. It was also a magical kingdom for Tom. He'll be so embarrassed that I'm putting this on here but for some reason the characters (mostly the females) really loved Tom, the first day I thought it was just coincidence but throughout the week everyday there were little things that happened-wanting to get thier picture with just him, shamelessly flirting with him while in the parade and several others that were hillarious-so I think it wont be hard to convince him to go back. What can I say he is a babe! The girls loved it all! Our girls are perfect ages for everything, we went on all the rides together and had a blast! Thanks to G&G Holmes for the wonderful time!!