Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Reasons I love Rylee on her 10th B-day

1. She is beautiful inside and out!! She has always been such a cutie and she just continues to amaze me every year!

2. She is a GOOFBALL!! She makes us laugh so hard and loves to laugh at herself.

3. She always tries to do what is right. She worries so much about doing the right thing in every situation I admire that about her.

4. She is so dang fun! She is always willing to try new things and makes it fun for everyone around her with her smile and contagious laughter!

5. She loves her family-especially all her cousins. She is great friends with them all and takes care of everybody, even the little ones.

6. She is willing to try new things and she is good at everything she tries. She works hard and doesn't give up even when she is challenged. Whether it is cheer, gymnastics, choir or soccer she puts forth her full effort and doesn't give up!

7. She's determined and works hard at school-she is a great student. All her teachers ever say about her is that she is an ideal student. (Dont parents love hearing that!)

8. She is a great big sister! She loves Cam and is such a great friend and example for her.
9. She is a good friend. She worries about others and wants to be nice to everyone.
10. She is a special girl with a sweet, warm, inviting way that makes people want to be around her. She is a great daughter and helps me so much, I am so glad she is part of our family, she is so special to us and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Baby!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a baby...BOY!

I am happy to announce that my patient husband will finally have a little buddy! We found out last Friday that we are in fact adding a little boy to the mix. The ultrasound was awesome-a lot has changed since I had Camryn's 8 years ago you could actually kind of tell what you were looking at. They were also able to take some 3-D pictures which were awesome! You could see his cute little face and his little hands wiggling around trying to hide his face. He was also sticking his tongue in and out when we were looking at his face, I told the girls he was saying "na-na here I come". Needless to say we are all in love with him already and SO excited. I am actually a little nervous about the whole thing, I feel like this is unchartered water for me-no brothers growing up and 2 girls for a long time. Everyone has reassured me that I will do fine-I'm sure it will be just as natural as the girl thing was. I'm just not really sure what to do with little boy parts and until recently didn't know that certain things happened early on to little boys-I know you are all laughing that have boys, but that's what I mean-I dont know about little pee-pee's! I am feeling pretty good and getting big but it's all for a good cause-right? Hopefully my next post will be before I have the baby-ha-ha but that's about all for now! The rest of us are doing great- busy with school, soccer, cheer, homework and all the other fun everyday stuff. Hopefully you all haven't given up hope and stopped checking my blog for updates, even though I wouldn't blame you-but thanks for those who still have a little faith in me and my blogging ability.